At Time Education & Training we develop our student learning resources and assessment instruments. The advantage of this approach is that it enables the customisation of all materials to support the needs of in-company programs whereby the workplace policies, procedures, resources and equipment are reflected within print materials enabling students to relate learning to workplace practice and ease of implementation.

The success of the innovative approach to this infrastructure is evidenced by the feedback received from students and employers alike. We are committed to ongoing industry engagement through:

  • Stakeholder consultation in pre-program design, progress reporting and post program effectiveness analysis;
  • A professional development and industry currency program for staff which encourages and rewards participation in industry and community events, seminars, forums and workshops;
  • Regular validation and moderation activities to which we invite participation from industry representatives, clients, students and interested members of the public;

Because we are committed to the development of customised resources and assessment tools, the intelligence gained from these interactions continue to add value and relevance to our programs. These activities have also resulted in a strong network of contractors and partnerships which have broadened both our capacity and geographical coverage.


Time Education & Training are thrilled to be recognised for our hard work, commitment and dedication to the Vocation, Education and Training sector by winning the Large Training Provider of the Year in the 2015 SA Training Awards and becoming a Finalist in the 2016 SA Training Awards.