Here are just some of our recent Client & Student testimonials.

“We are getting such great feedback from our managers, supervisors, floor staff and office staff. The delivery, content and reception of our program has exceeded all of our expectations and Craig and Tony’s passion for continuous improvement is infectious! Simone’s assistance and support from the consultation process through to completion has been greatly appreciated too – she has been there every step of the way and nothing is ever too hard”.
Kathryn Noble, Farquhar Group / KT3 Kitchens (pictured above)
"Time Education & Training gave me the opportunity to have the world at my fingertips, to embrace the irresistible urge to thrive in a foreign land. Here I got the opportunity to meet the most inspiring and intelligent people in the health care area you will ever encounter in your life. This superior education allows a person to grow as an individual and find out who they truly are.

After my training here, I received job offers from South Australia's public and private health care institutions.
Leaving home to a faraway land, now I'm able to thoughtfully develop my personal goals, ideals and philosophies that may have once been considered taboo in my homeland. This enlightenment is something that everyone will take them fro the rest of their life. All training centres foster a sense of independence and self-discovery to an extent, although Time takes the extra step in ensuring their students obtain a fabulous education, both in and out of the classroom.
Now I feel confident and happy here I Australia, with my family next to me! 

So dear friends, anyone who is serious about developing a fruitful carrier in Australia, go to Time! They will transform you in such a way that you yourself will be astonished to see how successful you are in your area of proficiency."
Sowrab / Certificate III in Sterilisation Services Student
"I have recently engaged Time Education & Training to commence a Customer Service Training Program with Wallis Cinemas. Mirella and I met on a number of occasions previously to scope out our needs and we decided to involve the management team and a number of key staff to assist in developing the program. I have known Mirella for a number of years, and out of the many people I have come in contact with in the training industry in Adelaide, she was far the most energetic and logical choice to deliver this initiative for us.
We have now conducted this session, and even though it was not the training but rather the discovery session, Mirella managed to not only win over all of our Cinema Management team, but change the mindset regarding professional development of our Senior Management team."
Jody Koerner, Human Resources / Wallis Cinemas
"I am thankful that the Adelaide Casino invested in training employees and managers in the business. Adelaide Casino utilised Time Education & Training which helped me successfully complete my Certificate IV in Frontline Management and recently my Certificate III and Certificate IV in Hospitality.
The training helped me achieve better skills and provided me with a better understanding about every aspect of my role. I believe that I enjoyed attending my courses because it also helped that our trainer's approach of teaching and personality kept me interested and focused. Successfully completing the courses made me feel empowered and with empowerment comes the willingness to work harder and achieve more. And, when I achieved more, it benefited my career.
I strongly support a business who provides training to their employees and utilising a training company that provides great results in creating growth and development, like it did for me."
Queenie Perry, VIP Manager International Business & Interstate, Gaming Machines / SKYCITY Adelaide
“I have been a client of TIME for many years, and am first hand aware of the excellent services they provide in the areas of upskilling staff, providing RPL opportunities for training, testing, interviewing, and managing employee training projects. In particular, when working for BAE Systems, TIME undertook a major project for us to upskill all of our workplace trainers. This involved conducting a gap analysis on existing staff skills and qualifications, creating a plan for upskilling, providing RPL opportunities for students and liaising with them about requirements, providing gap training, and issuing qualifications and statements of attainment. At all times, the staff from T.I.M.E. were professional in their interactions with myself and my staff. More importantly however, I found them to be flexible, helpful, and innovative in the way they suggested solutions for our myriad of different needs and circumstances. I would confidently recommend TIME to any organisation or employer who wants a provider who can think outside the square and is willing to go that extra mile for their clients”.
Lea Hague, Education Manager (Formerly BAE Systems)
“I work with RTO’s (Registered Training Organisations) in Adelaide providing help and advice on compliance issues. In these difficult times I have found T.I.M.E Pty Ltd to be a rock of reliability in the way they teach VET matters. They are, without doubt, the best RTO in Adelaide for the delivery of TAE qualifications. I have just finished a Diploma of VET and have also signed up for a Diploma of Quality Auditing. If you need TAE training, then I cannot see any sense in signing up with another RTO”.
Terry, RTO Compliance Consultant
"I must say that doing this course has been a really great thing for me; it has changed my whole life. After spending 22 years in the mining sector as a Metallurgical Technician, and now becoming a CSSD technician, who would have thought it. Your course certainly made things easier, it was the best.

For me especially, to do it via distance learning where I attended the practical sessions and had some "one on one" time was also a huge help. You were always happy to give me help over the phone whenever I needed it and email me information. You and TIME are certainly on the right track with this level of personal service.
Suzi, Certificate III in Sterilisation Services Student
"I recently attended T.I.M.E to gain the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

From the time I initiated discussions with Simone about the course, to dealing with different areas of the administration with regard to course timetable and logistics etc. I couldn’t help but admire the level of professionalism of the team at T.I.ME.

Once in class Diane, John and the other Facilitators involved, not only shared their wealth of knowledge and experience freely, but presented the program in such a way that allowed for much interaction and clarification between Facilitator and student. This approach allowed me and the other attendees to feel comfortable and confident to question and seek verification when required.

The program was the most enjoyable experience I have had in a classroom.
I continue to recommend the services of T.I.M.E to family and friends at the first opportunity and look forward to working with the T.I.M.E team again, in the near future."
Andrew, Student
“T.I.M.E. Pty Ltd is my choice for personal and professional growth and development in an adult learning environment. You are surrounded by people who care about your learning development and the friendly staff are there to offer guidance, advice, support and most of all encouragement. My learning experience with T.I.M.E. has seen me go from attending my first Certificate IV qualification to now understanding and tackling dual Diploma qualifications.

There are no limitations with T.I.M.E., only the ones you set yourself! If you're thinking about further development, be it personally or professionally - don't look past T.I.M.E. Pty Ltd, you will not be disappointed."
Carrie Lucas, Transport Training Centre
"Undertaking the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and the opportunity to study alongside fellow students from a diverse group or industry - not to mention the brilliant trainers and support staff, was such an enriching experience. A huge thank you to Diane, John and the T.I.M.E. team for the way the course was conducted. It was exciting on a Friday to receive my beautifully framed parchment and I am looking forward to embarking on a career in training."
Toni, Student
"Mirella Morizzi-Tambakis from T.I.M.E has worked with MyBudget for the past 7 years training staff in various programs.

Mirella’s attitude, enthusiasm and approach to her profession have proven to be successful within our company and helped grow MyBudget to where it is today.

Mirella is a highly motivated individual who always conveys a very professional work ethic. She is reliable, hardworking and her contagious enthusiasm is highly regarded.

Going forward we hope to continue our working partnership with Mirella at Time Education & Training for many years to come."
Tammy May, Director - MyBudget