Every year we provide free programs and consultancy services to worthy individuals and organisations. As a team we also commit to annual fundraising activities to assist local and national charities.

The more we learn about the broader community the stronger we become as a team. We are privileged to work with a diverse range of people facing unique challenges including but not limited to:

  • Young Sudanese immigrants needing support with English and work preparation;
  • Aboriginal people who are wanting to build self-sufficiency into their community;
  • Indian immigrants who need support with language, recognition of overseas qualifications and help to establish new careers in Australia;
  • Small to medium business owners who want to build sustainability into their business but find long-term skills building investment difficult;
  • At risk youth and parents returning to the workforce who need to build confidence and overcome learning barriers.

From inception, the business has held true to our vision of providing tailored training and assessment solutions with a focus on immediate and practical workplace application. As we continue to grow we will seek new partnerships, find more opportunities to contribute to the industries and communities we work for and with and as always we will continue to strive to make good people……great!