Unit/QualificationCodeDurationAttendanceStart Date
Training & Assessment
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment - Evening ProgramTAE401106 Months1 Night / WeekMarch 8th 2017
Certificate IV in Training & AssessmentTAE401105 Months2-4 Days / Month

March 9th 2017
/ June 8th 2017

Address Adult Language, Literacy & Numeracy SkillsTAELLN4111 Day1 Day

May 5th 2017
/ July 14th 2017
/ September 8th 2017

Diploma of Training Design & Development
/ Diploma of Vocational Education & Training
/ TAE50111
10 Months1 Day / MonthMarch 14th 2017
Children's Services
Diploma of Early Childhood Education & CareCHC5011310-12 Months1 Day / WeekJune 14th 2017
Health Services
Certificate III in Sterilisation ServicesHLT370156 Months1 Day / Fortnight

May 15th 2017

/February 5th 2018

Business Services
Certificate IV in Leadership & ManagementBSB4201510 Months1 Day / Month

February 9th 2017

Diploma of Leadership & ManagementBSB5191510 Months1 Day / MonthMarch 14th 2017
Transport and Logistics
Licence to Transport Dangerous Goods by RoadTLILIC00012 Days2 DaysJune 22nd 2017
/ August 17th 2017
/ October 12th 2017
/ December 7th 2017
Leadership & Management Short Programs
Develop Work Priorities (Time Management)BSBWOR4041 Day1 DayFebruary 9th 2017
Communicate Effectively as a Workplace Leader / Lead Effective Workplace RelationshipsBSBLDR401 / BSBLDR4021 Day1 DayMarch 9th 2017
Lead Team EffectivenessBSBLDR4031 Day1 DayApril 6th 2017
Develop Teams and Individuals / Mentor in the WorkplaceBSBLED401 / TAEDEL404A1 Day1 DayMay 4th 2017
Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence BSBLDR5011 Day1 DayApril 11th 2017
Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness / Manage People PerformanceBSBWOR502 / BSBMGT5021 Day1 DayMay 9th 2017
Communicate with InfluenceBSBLDR5031 Day1 DayOctober 24th 2017
Training & Assessment Short Programs
Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy SkillsTAELLN4111 Day1 Day

May 5th 2017
/ July 14th 2017 
/ September 8th 2017

Provide Work Skill Instruction / Plan, Organise and Facilitate Learning in the WorkplaceTAEDEL301A / TAEDEL402A3 Days3 DaysJune 8th, June 9th, July 13th
Additional Short Programs
Provide First AidHLTAID0031 Day1 Day

August 25th
/September 13th
/November 6th

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