Unit/QualificationCodeDurationAttendanceStart Date
Training & Assessment
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment - Evening ProgramTAE401168 Months1 Night / Week28th February 2018
Certificate IV in Training & AssessmentTAE401168 Months2-3 Days / Month

22nd November 2017
7th February 2018
April 26th 2018

Address Adult Language, Literacy & Numeracy SkillsTAELLN4111 Day1 Day

26th October
6th December
7th March
20th June
19th September
12th December

Design and Develop Assessment ToolsTAEASS5022 Days2 Days2017
12th & 13th October
7th & 8th December
8th & 9th March
21st & 22nd June
20th & 21st September
13th & 14th December

Diploma of Training Design & Development
/ Diploma of Vocational Education & Training
/ TAE50116
10 Months2 Days / Month2018
12th February
23rd April
Children's Services
Diploma of Early Childhood Education & CareCHC5011310-12 Months1 Day / Week13th February 2018
Individual Support
Certificate III in Individual SupportCHC330156 months3 Days / Week30th January 2018
Health Services
Certificate III in Sterilisation ServicesHLT370156 Months1 Day / Fortnight

5th February2018
16th April 2018

Business Services
Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)BSB311159 Months1 Day /
3 Weeks
5th March 2018
Certificate IV in Leadership & ManagementBSB4201511 Months1 Day / Month

14th September 2017
1st February 2018

Diploma of Leadership & ManagementBSB5191510 Months1 Day / Month2nd February 2018
Certificate IV in Work Health & SafetyBSB4141510 Months1 Day / Month27th February 2018
Diploma of Human Resource ManagementBSB5061510 Months1 Day / Month20th February 2018
Transport and Logistics
Licence to Transport Dangerous Goods by RoadTLILIC00012 Days2 Days2017
7th & 8th December
22nd & 23rd February
26th & 27th April
14th & 15th June
16th & 17th August
18th & 19th October
6th & 7th December
Leadership & Management Short Programs
Develop Work Priorities (Time Management)BSBWOR4041 Day1 Day22nd March 2018
5th July 2018
Communicate Effectively as a Workplace LeaderBSBLDR4011 Day1 Day14th September 2017
1st February 2018
 Lead Effective Workplace RelationshipsBSBLDR4021 Day1 Day12th October 2017
1st March 2018
Lead Team EffectivenessBSBLDR4031 Day1 Day9th November 2017
12th April 2018
Develop Teams and IndividualsBSBLED4011 Day1 Day14th December 2017
3rd May 2018
Mentor in the WorkplaceTAEDEL4041 Day1 Day10th May 2018
6th September 2018
Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence BSBLDR5011 Day1 Day2nd February 2018
Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness / Manage People PerformanceBSBWOR502 / BSBMGT5021 Day1 Day8th June 2018
Communicate with InfluenceBSBLDR5031 Day1 Day6th April 2018
Additional Short Programs
Provide First AidHLTAID0031 Day1 Day

6th November
23rd February
27th April
15th June
17th August
19th October
7th December

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